Since its very beginning, when the family Lutri built it in the 15th century, the Tenuta Palmeri was not only a place for work, but also for holidays and relaxation. The current owners, the family Breitschmid - Heiniger continues this tradition.

But they don’t only do they use the Tenuta as their holiday home. According to their maxim: “A joy shared is a joy doubled” – they always shared the Tenuta with friends and guests. To have more room, several buildings were restored.

The special location of Avola, surrounded by the Hyblaean Mountains, makes Avola the sunniest town of Italy. Conditions are ideal for wine production and the town is famous for the “Nero d’Avola” grape variety. Despite of this, the big wine producers all settled in other places, where fields are bigger and less steep. That’s why Tenuta Palmeri is the only winery producing wines from Avola.

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