Avola is an insiders tip in the south of Sicily. Situated directly on the seaside, it is surrounded by the Hyblaean Mountains. Only a few tourists find their way to this charming town with the traditional cafés in the historic centre and the trendy bars on the beach.

In the past, Avola was very different: when the Greek reigned in Sicily, it was an important centre of trade for goods from all over the Mediterranean. This continued under roman authority and Avola, then as part of the province of Syracuse, enjoyed more liberties than the rest of the empire.

In the 17th century Avola was destroyed by a massive earthquake. The city was then rebuilt in a hexagonal layout. This shape can still be seen in many places of the city.

As the sunniest town of Italy, Avola is famous for its almonds. This intense sunshine is also good for wine production. However, the big wine producers settled in other towns, where fields are bigger and less steep. That’s why Cantina Palmeri is the only winery producing wines from Avola.