The story of «Palmeri» begins with the Lutri family. This noble family had a huge influence on Avola from the 15th century on. The “Palazzo Lutri” is still one of the most impressive buildings in the centre of Avola. Palmeri was one of the family’s residences and was always used for agriculture.


Ueli and Erika Breitschmid-Heiniger bought Palmeri. They already owned a successful boutique winery in Switzerland and wanted to continue their family tradition in Avola as well.


The first vines were planted on a surface of 4.5 hectares. The same year, they also began restoring some smaller buildings on the Tenuta and the construction of the new cellar.


The first wine was produced. Olives, Oranges, Almonds, Lemons and Pomegranate are still cultivated and are harvested in small quantities.