Curaden Academy

Tenuta Palmeri hosts the official Curaden Academy Thinktank. In this beautiful landscape, in the sun, surrounded by nature, olive trees, vineyards, that’s where great ideas can be discusses. The main topic is prevention. Prevention can mean many thing, but it should be one thing in particular: enjoyment of life.

Health, that's what this thinktank is all about, specifically about prevention. This is the place where people meet and discuss. The people who participate have diverse backgrounds: they are nutrition specialists, work in the field of medicine, or dental hygiene. What unites them is their will to change something, to influence, develop.

Unofficially, the Thinktank has existed for a long time. In summer 2016, it was then officially opened by Curaden Academy as a meeting centre and space for thought. Curaden Academy focusses on teaching about oral hygiene.

As part of the Curaden group, they strife to increase their knowledge of how the mouth and the teeth affect the health of the whole body.